Apprentice Florida

Businesses are searching for employees with specialized skills and training, while job seekers want to gain work experience and earn good wages. In Florida, the apprenticeship employment model is helping to meet both the needs of job seekers and employers. The state’s goal is that by 2030, 80% of Floridians will have essential work skills. The policy of CareerSource Florida, the state’s workforce investment board, supports the use of sector strategies to align educational and economic resources in support of this goal. Apprentice Florida is a strategy to implement this policy and reach the state’s goals.

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Partnerships and collaborations

Established in 2017, Apprentice Florida is a partnership between CareerSource Florida, the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity, and the Florida Department of Education. The partnership supports local-level efforts across the state between the education and business communities to develop and fund apprenticeships and other employment and training models. These partnerships are also referred to as industry partnerships, workforce collaboratives, or regional skills alliances.  


Employers who choose to develop apprenticeship programs and register them with CareerSource Florida have access to CareerSource’s network of one-stop career centers, community organizations, industry associations, colleges, universities, and trade schools. Access to this network helps employers identify interested job seekers. Additionally, CareerSource Florida offers employers support to train the apprentices.  

Benefits of Participation

Job seekers who participate in apprenticeship programs do so for a variety of reasons. Some participate in apprenticeship programs as a substitute for post-secondary education, and others participate to begin paying off student loans while enhancing skills gained through postsecondary education. Some job seekers participate in apprenticeship programs to support career changes, or to gain a promotion with their current employer. Some individuals choose to complete apprenticeships to gain skills and on-the-job experience, become known to an employer, work with mentors, and gain nationally recognized credentials. Often, apprenticeship programs lead to higher wages and advancement in their work-related responsibilities.

Lessons Learned:

Apprenticeships provide an opportunity for employers to diversify their workforce, replace employees who are retiring or leaving for other jobs, and train people in specific skill areas according to employer standards.

Apprentices have greater earning power and benefit from specialized training, real-world experience, and mentoring for career success.

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