What is Explore Work?

Explore Work is a group of lessons about … well, it’s about exploring community employment! It was created to help you become more aware of what it’s like to work in the community.

Who created it?

Project staff from the EmployMe1st project created it with the help of people with disabilities.

What will people learn about?

Some things Explore Work can you understand are:

  • how having a job can make your life better,
  • how to think about the kind of job you may want,
  • who can help you get a job,
  • how to speak up for yourself,
  • how to talk about your disability,
  • how to plan for transportation, and
  • stories of people who are successful at work.

Who can you contact to get more information about Explore Work?




How to Use Explore Work

Welcome! If you’re reading this, you’re probably someone with a disability who’s interested in finding work in your community. That’s great!

You can read it on your own, or get someone like a parent, a friend, or a support person to help you. There are lots of activities that can help you think about what jobs might be right for you.

You can read each lesson on the webpage and use a blank piece of paper to write down your answers.

You can also use it in a group. We offer classes where someone with a disability teaches a group of people how to use Explore Work. This is a fun way to do the activities and get to know other people. If you’re interested in working with a group, email ashley.wolfe@umb.edu or allison.hall@umb.edu.