Sarah thinks accommodations should be the norm. We do too.

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Sarah Goldman

In August 2020, the Orlando Sentinel published an article by FDDC member Sarah Goldman. In it Sarah provides an eye-opening perspective on accessibility and how society should consider accommodating needs for all abilities. Read Sarah’s inspiring message by clicking here

If you are having trouble reading the article on the website, click here for a PDF version.

How do you request an accommodation from your employer?

It is important to know how to ask for an accommodation. Watch our videos and check out these tips:

  • Be polite and give examples. “These are some accommodations that help me in school, and I think that they can help me on this job. Could we talk about them?”
  • Have a conversation.  Be open to feedback and suggestions. “I looked at the requirements for the job and these are the accommodations I may need.  What are some of your ideas?”