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Assistive Technology

April 2018 | Technology: Assistive, Adaptive, and Rehabilitative


January 2018 | Business Relations Project

April 2016 | The Abilities Work Help Desk

March 2014 | Communication campaigns to promote employment for individuals with IDD to local business owners


July 2022: A Celebration of Florida Employment First

October 2020 | Session 3: Profiles of the Employment First Interagency Collaborative Team. Interviews with the Agency for Persons with Disabilities.

May 2020 | Session 1: Profiles of the Employment First Interagency Collaborative Team. Interviews with FL Association of Rehabilitation Facilities & the Arc of Florida 

July 2020 | Session 2: Profiles of the Employment First Interagency Collaborative Team.  Interviews with the Florida Developmental Disabilities Council, Inc. and the Florida Division of Vocational Rehabilitation

April 2019 | How to use Employment First Florida videos

October 2015 |  Bringing Employment First to Scale

April 2014 | Employment First Florida communication plan update

February 2014 | Governor Scott’s Executive Order on increasing employment for people with IDD


January 2021 | How to Talk to People about Work

May 2014 | Identifying and supporting non-traditional employment opportunities


February 2020 | Becoming an Employment First Florida Provider

October 2019 | What does it mean to become an Employment First provider


April 2021 | I want to work! What happens next?

October 2021| Benefits Planning and Work Incentives

April 2022 | A Self Advocate Perspective: Strengthening the System of Support

July 2019 | Developing a Vision of a Good Life

March 2019 | Self-Advocate Interviews

July 2017 | Explore Work curriculum

July 2016 | Sharing Strategies and Self-Advocate Stories

July 2015 | Success Stories


January 2016 | The Center for Social Capital’s Employment First Collaborative Training Project

January 2017 | WIOA | Unique Abilities Partner Program

January 2015 | Local-level collaboration

April 2015 | Updates on Florida’s Interagency Systems Change Actions


October 2017 | Transportation: Past, present, & future

October 2014 | Transportation: Pursuit of mobility


February 2022 | College Matters Florida

October 2021| Benefits Planning and Work Incentives

July 2018 | Secondary transition of youth with disabilities with Project 10

October 2018 | Mentoring/National Disability Employment Awareness Month

April 2017 | Nassau County School District as VR Vendor

September 2014 | Transitions: A look at agency services