The Employment First Collaborative Training Toolkit provides a guide for all employment service professionals—from executive directors and managers to front-line direct support staff—to assess their current capacity and training needs and to identify options for addressing them.

The toolkit covers the application of core values and principles to practice and competencies in:

  • Community research
  • Job development
  • Community-based assessment
  • Workplace and related supports
  • Ongoing supports 

Domain 1

The first domain of the training toolkit covers the application of core values and principles to practice. This domain represents the foundational knowledge needed when building effective employment services. Core competencies and principles range from understanding and demonstrating that “All really means all” when referring to employability, to accessing all available funding sources for those served in community employment.

Domain 1 transcript [DOCX]

Domain 2

Domain 2 considers the knowledge, skills, and abilities of employment staff to successfully apply a variety of community-based career planning tools. This domain highlights community-based approaches to assessment rather than traditional assessment sites or tools, and using a person-centered approach to the career planning process.

Domain 2 Transcript [RTF]

Domain 3

Domain 3 focuses on community research and job development core competencies. Some examples are gathering and analyzing labor trend information, using effective marketing tools, highlighting abilities and interests of job seekers, conducting informational interviews, finding strategies for job matching, and creating employment proposals based on business needs and employment seekers’ preferences.

Domain 3 transcript [RTF]


Domains 4 & 5

Domains 4 & 5 of the Training Toolkit highlight the employment service competencies associated with workplace and related supports, as well as ongoing supports. These domains cover the impact of earned income on entitlements; transportation for work; proactive planning for on-the-job training, supports, and facilitating workplace integration; training schedule and instructional procedures; positive/negative behavior and intervention supports; funding for long-term supports; support for job and/or career advancement; and developing and implementing a plan for long-term supports.

Domains 4 & 5 Transcript [DOCX]

The toolkit was developed by the Center for Social Capital and sponsored by United States Department of Health and Human Services, Administration on Developmental Disabilities and the Florida Developmental Disabilities Council, Inc. (Look for the CC button on each video to view closed captioning on YouTube.)

New: Florida Employment First Collaborative Training Toolkit: A Resource for Funders and Employment Service Providers

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