The Florida Employment First Collaborative Training (EFCT) Toolkit provides a guide for all employment service professionals — from executive directors and managers to front-line direct support staff — to assess their current capacity and training needs and to identify options for addressing them. Directors and managers may refer to the EFCT Toolkit as a resource to plan overall training for agency staff as a whole as well as to identify specific training needs of individual staff. Evaluating training needs on an individual basis allows customization of staff training to meet the specific needs of each particular staff member — a far more effective strategy for addressing ongoing professional development needs. The guide is a companion to the domain videos also found on this website.

The first four sections of the toolkit correspond to the domains and core competency standards identified by the Association of People Supporting Employment First (APSE). The EFCT Advisory Committee selected these core competencies as the basis for assessing organizational and individual capacity and training needs because they represent an evidence-based national standard for employment services designed to lead to the development of professional competencies — those determined to be critical to the accomplishment of sustained, high quality employment outcomes. Each section includes: 1. The identification of the APSE Domain; 2. A list of aggregated core competencies for that domain and the recommended minimum training time; 3. An assessment tool to evaluate the current capacity and training needs of an organization or of an individual employment specialist; 4. A list of recommended trainings related to the core competencies identified for that particular domain; and 5. A training resource list for the particular competency.

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