With mentoring from a job coach on workplace soft skills, Ben Davis learned to succeed and grow in his job as a sales floor associate and dressing room attendant.

Englewood, FL – “The brunette ladies like to wear blue dresses, and the blonde ladies prefer red.” This observation comes from Rialto Goodwill’s fashion consultant-in-training, Ben Davis. Ben, who is a sales floor associate and the dressing room attendant for the store. Ben enjoys talking to the customers and helping them with their clothing choices. He is also eight percent deaf in both ears, is legally blind without his glasses, and has an organic brain injury that occurred when he was born prematurely.

But persistence is his middle name. Ben searched for a job for more than three years before learning about vocational rehabilitation, or VR, and how they help people with disabilities find or keep a job. VR counselor Canada West saw the determination in Ben and knew that Morgan Howell, a job coach with Loveland, would be the perfect person to help Ben find that elusive job. Read his full story on the Division of Voc Rehab website.