What do you do when you’re not at work? Don’t just watch TV. You need to be involved in the community because it gives meaning to people’s lives. It can help you make friends, develop relationships, and have fun. You can join a church, temple, or self-advocacy group. Or you can volunteer and help others. You can also connect with your local library, school, or social clubs. You can meet new people that you have things in common with and that like the same things you do.

You can become involved in your community in your own special way.

Here are a few ways the Employment First Florida team participate in their communities:

  • Take college classes
  • Teach art workshops
  • Visit a beach
  • Hang out at a rec. center
  • Go to the gym
  • Participate in field day
  • Join a fundraiser
  • Take a comedy class

It’s not just about you.

We each bring something special to our community. And it’s important for you to share that with others. Give people in the community a chance to get to know you!