Enrique is a certified recovery peer specialist (CRPS) at Meridian Behavioral Health Care, Inc. Meridian is a private nonprofit organization that provides a variety of treatment and service options catering to a wide range of mental health and substance use disorders. They provide crisis, rehabilitation, and outpatient services.

Enrique is one of Median’s most successful CPRSs. He received treatment at the behavioral health center and initially held on-site jobs as part of his recovery. With help from his supported employment coach, he worked in Meridian’s kitchen for several months and provided administrative help in the addiction treatment office. However, when Enrique learned about CRPSs and the opportunity to become one, he became inspired to pursue this career.

In March 2019, Enrique completed 40 hours of training in advocacy, mentoring, recovery support, and professional responsibility. Enrique is now moving toward becoming certified by the Florida Certification Board, which requires 500 hours working with individuals in mental health recovery. CRPS training in Florida is provided through Medicaid funds and administered by the Department of Children and Families, usually at no cost to the individual. CRPS is a paid position.

In his role, Enrique supports clients on site and in the community. He helps them identify their future goals, conducts motivational interviewing, and works with them to develop a unique Wellness, Recovery, and Action Plan. WRAP plans focus on clients’ individual strengths and available supports to help them remain well in the future.

  • CRPSs must be allies to their clients while respecting the boundaries established by the certification process and by the behavioral health center’s policies.
  • Helping clients with their treatment can also help CRPSs improve their own recovery.
  • CRPSs benefit from being part of a treatment team by learning about other jobs, increasing knowledge through regular discussions about client needs, and sharing resources.

For more information, contact Sarah Desmartin, supported employment job coach, at sarah_desmartin@mbhci.org or visit https://www.mbhci.org/.


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