Self-Advocate Resources

Fast Facts 1: Employment for People with Disabilities in Florida

Fast Facts 2: Employment for People with Disabilities in Florida

How many Floridians with disabilities are working? Check out this resource and find out.

What is the Employment First act?

In Florida, the governor, legislature (lawmakers), and others worked together to pass the Florida Employment First Act. Read this document to learn about the law. 

What is Employment First and What can You do?

After reading about the Employment First act, check out this document to learn more about what you can do to support it.

Transportation Resources

Employment First Florida has put together a list of resources that can help you develop a plan for transportation and learn more about how to get where you want to go.

Learn about Community Life Engagement

Community life engagement means all the ways that people with intellectual and developmental disabilities access and participate in their communities outside of employment. This includes things like volunteer work, education, and using facilities such as the library, gym, or recreation center. Read this document for a good description and some ideas on how to be more involved.

What about

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