Presentations 2019 & 2020

October 2019 & February 2020: What does it mean to become an Employment First provider series

Provider agencies across the country are transforming to support jobs in the community for people with disabilities. This process of organizational transformation can be both exciting and challenging for provider staff and the people they serve. Jaimie Timmons and Oliver Lyons, ICI, joined us in October and Ron Sharpe, executive director of the Arc of the Bay, to share gain insight into the benefits of provider transformation and the work done by members of the Arc network through their membership in the Provider Transformation Network, a project of the Institute for Community Inclusion.

Part 1 Watch the webinar recording now. 

Part 2 Watch the webinar recording now. 

July 2019: Developing a Vision for a Good Life

During the webinar, we heard from a self-advocate, Ashley Wolfe, about what she considers a good life and learn about Charting the LifeCourse from Crystal Bell, a certified trainer, and the roles everyone can play in supporting employment for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Watch the webinar recording now.

April 2019: How to use Employment First Florida videos

On April 30, John Kramer from the Institute for Community Inclusion presented video clips of self-advocates talking about job creation and negotiation, career advancement, and returning to work after illness or dismissal. John shared tips and suggestions on ways to use the videos to educate and communicate the message of Employment First with individuals, families, support staff, and others. Videos are a great tool for education and training, but what organization has the time and resources to conduct and record interviews with self-advocates? You may not, but we do and we are making them available to you through Employment First Florida Presents.

Watch the webinar recording now. 

March 2019: Self-Advocate Interviews

Employment First Florida went to the Florida SANDs conference in Orlando and asked 10 people with disabilities about their experiences, feelings, and ideas about work. They shared that finding a job can be hard work, but all agreed in the end it is worth it. A group joined us on March 28 to hear what else they had to say. 

Watch the webinar recording now.