Notice of Opportunity


Employment First Local Interagency Collaborative Teams

Application Deadline: April 8, 2019


Local agencies currently administering programs or services on behalf of the state of Florida, that want to receive support to develop and implement Employment First in their community. Applicants must currently work for or provide services on behalf of at least one required agency. (See list on this page).



The Employment First Executive Order and the Florida Individuals with Disabilities Act identify employment in the community as the preferred outcome for Floridians with disabilities, receiving services funded by the state. As part of the Act, a statewide committee was formed and tasked with the development and implementation a strategic action plan to bring Employment First to scale in Florida at state, regional, and local levels.

The strategic action plan includes an opportunity for local communities to become Employment First local interagency collaborative teams. With technical assistance from the Institute for Community Inclusion (ICI), local teams develop and implement local-level Employment First projects. The local teams help raise awareness that Florida is an Employment First state, ensure that local organizations work together to support employment for all, and identify and help resolve barriers to employment.


While receiving technical assistance from ICI, local teams will:

  • Organize an Employment First interagency collaborative team
  • Identify one to three local level issues that impact employment for individuals with disabilities
  • Develop a plan to support community employment for Floridians with disabilities


Applications must include:

A. Short responses to 3 questions

  • Describe current collaborative actions to increase employment for people with disabilities. (500 words)
  • Describe current local actions to support youth with disabilities to exit school and enter employment or post-secondary education. (500 words)
  • Describe current local efforts to inform adults with disabilities about opportunities for working in the community. (500 words)

B. Contact information of required partner agencies, and additional partners

Submit your application now 

We will be reviewing applications as submitted. For questions, contact Jean Winsor at or 716-406-9780.